My Gear & Playlist

Pre-Run Meal (ideally two or more hours before running)

  • Banana with creamy peanut butter
  • Water


  • I’ve finally settled on Asics Gel-Nimbus, currently model 13. I’ve retired one pair, and I’m currently cycling through 3 pairs before the new model comes out (see Happy Feet)
  • Brooks Cascadia 5 — good trail shoes
  • Brooks Glycerin 8 — wore the heel out fast
  • Saucony Triumph 7 and 8 — started wearing out the heels quicker; switched to Asics
  • Mizuno Wave Creation 10 — purchased January 5, 2010; retired September 4, 2010 after 250 miles (heel did not hold up well)
  • Saucony Triumph 6 — purchased September 1, 2009; retired July 16, 2010 after 420 miles (but these were much easier miles than I’m running now!)


  • Garmin Forerunner 305 — far more accurate than using iMapMyRun app on my iPhone 3G
  • iMapMyRun — Garmin data uploads directly via plugin; my training log lives in the cloud:
  • Auria earbuds — the only ones that have ever fit my ears and they stay put throughout my runs
  • iPhone (in case of emergency & for music when running solo) — currently I’m using a LifeProof case; a while ago I soaked an earlier iPhone on a rainy day run (lost back-light, had to migrate to another phone)
  • Road ID — interactive version with up-t0-date medical info online (I like to call it my Road-Kill ID)

My Current Music Playlist

Belts, Hydration, Fuel, etc.

  • SPIBelt — lightweight with expandable pouch to hold phone, etc.
  • GU gel packs — Vanilla Bean flavor with caffeine because I don’t drink coffee and only a little tea
  • Water — I’ve switched to just water during a run; some races use sports drinks other than Gatorade and sometimes the mix or flavor doesn’t suit me. I’ll get the carbs and other nutrients from my gel packs.


  • Technical running pants and tights with support panels
  • Compression base layer shirts; have a great Mizuno base layer for coldest days
  • Various weight tech short sleeve shirts — depends on the temps which one I use
  • Sleeveless light-weight red shirt for pinning race bib with “RoadKill Bill” on front and back
  • Technical shorts — current favorite is Brooks, but I race in Frank Shorter shorts with outer mesh pockets in the rear to hold lots of GU gel packs
  • Sugoi rain jacket; Saucony orange visibility vest; Brookes cold weather jacket
  • Quarrow headlamp for night-time or pre-dawn running
  • Knit caps for winter; dark and light colored summer caps
  • Neck gaiter for coldest winter days
  • Gloves; Mittens (mittens work much better for me in very cold weather)
  • Feetures crew, quarter, and mini socks; also using Smart Wool but I prefer Feetures so far
  • CEP Compression socks — for when my calf acts up or when I feel the need for extra support or to help recover after a long/hard run

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