Doubling Down

More is better. Double your pleasure. Two much is never enough. Yep, I’m doubling down. I have registered for my first double marathon — two in 48 hours!

You see, I didn’t have any races scheduled for August, and it looked so empty I felt compelled to find something to fill the void. So I looked at the Marathon Maniac race calendar (dangerous) and watched the Maniac Facebook page (insane) and found a double within driving distance that will give me two more states (NY and CT) and three more stars to get to the Iridium level (4 stars). Who needs Silver (2 stars) or Gold (3 stars) when you can go straight to Iridium?


On Friday, August 23, I will be running the Self-Transcendence Marathon in Rockland Lake State Park near Congers, NY. The next day, I will run the Cove Island Marathon and 8 Hour Run in Stamford, CT. All I need to do now is find a DoubleTree Inn nearby — it only seems fitting, right?

Elevation Chart
Saturday long run elevation chart — double hills!

And just to keep the theme going, today I did a 20+ mile long run incorporating two outer loops at Valley Forge National Historical Park (after doing it once on Wednesday). Lots of hills as you can see, especially when reversing the loop. Thankfully, the temperatures were a little cooler today than it has been the last few weeks, but the humidity was still a factor. All-in-all it was a good 50 mile week.

Training Week Stats (50.50 total miles):

Mon – 5..08 miles – 10:53 pace

Tue – 4.04 miles – 10:07 pace

Wed – 13.30 miles – 11:58 pace

Thu – 6.05 miles – 12:02 pace

Sat – 22.07 miles – 12:58 pace (includes a mile warm up on treadmill)


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