Ramping Back Up

This was a short week — just four runs due to flying home from San Antonio on Monday — but I was able to get back into the routine of my mid-week mid-distance run and long run on Saturday. I ran the Valley Forge Park outer loop plus some additional miles on Wednesday, and I ground out a sweaty 15 this morning before the official heat advisory took effect at 11:00 AM. This week also included the Broomall Firecracker 5K — a distance I don’t particularly care for, but I still finished just seconds short of my PR time.

The week before I only did four 5-mile runs while in San Antonio, and the week prior I recorded 26.4 miles as a recovery week following the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Marathon and culminating with the Media 5-Mile Race on Friday night.

I don’t think I’ve lost any fitness, but the heat and humidity is definitely a drag. Next week I plan to  do a 20-mile long run and should log close to 50 miles. Then I’ll have another odd week where I do a 15-mile mid-week run on the 17th since I’ll be doing the Midnight Madness 8.4-mile race as part of the Back on My Feet 20 in 24 event. Then it’s a taper week leading up to my next marathon on the 28th — the inaugural PA Grand Canyon Marathon in Wellsboro, PA.

I wore my kilt today to see what it would be like for a longer distance. I’ve only run 5 miles at a time in it before today. As a result of today’s run, I know I will not be able to wear it in the traditional commando fashion during a marathon. In spite of a liberal application of Glide, I experienced some “unacceptable” chafing. I’ll try again next week with wicking Under Armor shorts.

Media 5 Mile Finish
Rockin’ the Kilt at the Media 5 Mile Finish

Week Results (39.33 miles total):

Tue – 6.05 miles – 10:41 pace

Wed – 13.11 miles – 11:10 pace

Thu – 4.1 miles – 8:50 pace (Broomall Firecracker 5K plus 1-mile treadmill warm up)

Sat – 16.07 miles – 11:07 pace (includes 1-mile treadmill warm up)