Long Division


Hot and Muggy with a “feels-like” temp of 87 at the start of the Broomall Firecracker 5K this morning, but it was a fun race with lots of crowd support, and I managed to finish only 24 seconds over my 5K PR! I also placed second in my age division — a 27:24 finish and 8:50 pace — but by the time they got to my age group I think it should be known as the Long Division (as in Long-In-The-Tooth).

I wasn’t trying to PR, and I didn’t feel like I was going fast — probably due to the heat — but I ran negative splits and coming into the stretch I knew I would be close. Not bad for the conditions.

The race precedes the Marple Newtown Fourth of July Parade so West Chester Pike is already closed and early bird parade spectators are in place to cheer on the runners. In addition to water stops — not normally necessary for a 5K — they also had ice cold wet towels. I really appreciated the cold towels.

It was definitely a nice start for a steamy Fourth!


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