Texas Heat

Fans of the Spurs probably won’t like the title of this post!

As of this week, I’ve now run in 11 states — not in race events, but training runs while traveling. I won’t get to add another marathon state to my list until next January. But I attended an educational conference in San Antonio, TX, earlier this week and stayed on for a few extra days so I got the chance to run the famed Riverwalk.

In the downtown region it is full of restaurants and gift shops and more restaurants. Recently, however, they extended the Riverwalk south 13 miles along the sites of the five missions (the one in downtown San Antonio, of course, being the Alamo). Sadly, spring flooding wiped out two sections of trail, but I wasn’t running that far south so it didn’t hamper me at all.

Looking North
Looking North
Looking South
Looking South
Drying His Wings
Drying His Wings
Lone Star Brewery in Background
Lone Star Brewery in Background

The heat, though, was definitely an issue! Today, for example, the high was well over 100. I ran in the morning, but it was still over 80 at that time and it has been muggy all week. Even though I just ran five miles each day, I still carried water. Normally, I don’t bother for anything less than 8 to 10 miles.

Here’s a list of the states I’ve run in so far…

  • Pennsylvania — August, 2009
  • Las Vegas, Nevada — September, 2009
  • Bradenton, Florida — January, 2010
  • Portland, Seaside, & Bandon, Oregon — May, 2010
  • Crescent City, California — May, 2010
  • Denver & Fort Collins, Colorado — June, 2010
  • Old Orchard Beach, Maine — September, 2010
  • Ocean City, New Jersey — October, 2010
  • Annapolis, Maryland — March, 2011
  • Wilmington, Delaware — May, 2013
  • San Antonio, Texas — June, 2013

My legs were really tired after my last marathon — the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut earlier this month — so it was nice to have a bit of a break after the Media 5-Mile Race last week. I had a family reunion in Marmora, NJ, on Saturday, flew to San Antonio on Sunday, and was tied up with the conference Monday and Tuesday — a four-day break from running, the most days off for more than a year (since the week after the NJ Marathon in May, 2012). And, I’ve gone two weeks without a long run. Respite is over this coming week, though. I have to get ramped back up for the PA Grand Canyon Marathon the end of July. That should be a beautiful course!

Training Week (total of 20.8 miles):

Wed – 5.24 miles – 10:46 pace

Thu – 5.34 miles – 9:31 pace

Fri – 5.08 miles – 10:40 pace

Sat – 5.14 miles – 10:55 pace (hottest day of all of them)


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